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Mind and Life Europe is an integrative part of the global Mind and Life strategy to build and support Contemplative Science and Contemplative Studies at an international and interdisciplinary level. Established in response to increased interest from individuals and institutions, Mind and Life Europe assesses needs, implements strategies, and facilitates programs to help advance the study of consciousness and contemplative practices, specifically in Europe.

Upcoming Event: 2nd European Summer Research Institute

“Contemplative Practices, Science and Society”

Chiemsee, Germany
28th August - 3rd September 2015

Online application process opens March 15, 2015

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Open position

Mind and Life Europe is searching for a Managing Director.

Caring Economics

“What is the relevance of pro-social motivation and altruism in competitive systems such as the dominant Western economic system?” This is one of the questions that was posed during the 2010 Mind and Life dialogue entitled “Altruism and Compassion in Economic Systems: A Dialogue at the Interface of Economics, Neuroscience, and Contemplative Sciences.”

Caring Economics, a book based on the talks and conversations with His Holiness the Dalai Lama during this Mind and Life Dialogue, and edited by Mind and Life Europe Board members Tania Singer and Matthieu Ricard, is now available. The book has also been published in German, and will appear in French on April 16th, 2015.

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