Standing at the Edge

In 2022, MLE is... Standing at the Edge. Click here to learn more!

'Mind Matters' with Barry Kerzin

On May 25th, we invite you to join us at 15:00 CEST on Zoom for a webinar with Ven. Barry Kerzin

This event is part of our 'Mind Matters' series and 'Standing at the Edge' concept.

The webinar is open to the public, free to attend and will also be live-streamed on the MLE YouTube Channel.

Francisco & Friends webinar with Sergio Neuenschwander

Join us on Zoom on June 15th at 18:00 CEST for the next 'Francisco & Friends' webinar with Sergio Neuenschwander.

We're pleased to announce that live French interpretation will be available for this event, thanks to l'ADM. 

This webinar will also be live-streamed on the MLE YouTube channel.

Varela International Symposium 2022

On May 28th - 29th, MLE will be partnering with Upaya Institute and Zen Center for the Varela International Symposium 2022 (online). 

This year's progam is entitled: "Laying Down a Path in Walking (Mind in Life) – Interdependence and Enaction".

Registration for the program is free, though you are asked to consider dontation to the program if possible. Live French & Spanish interpretation will be offered to participants, thanks to L'ADM and Nirakara.

Learn more here! 

Mind and Life Europe acts as catalyst for human flourishing

Understanding the mind and cultivating the heart

Every day, we support vital work that transforms our scientific understanding of the human mind and its capacity to develop positive mental states. We believe that when contemplative wisdom and practices are fully integrated into modern day science it has the power to act as a catalyst for human and societal flourishing. This is the promise of what we call contemplative science.

The main message, to me, is the importance for human beings to learn how to become experts on their own mind. -- Francisco J. Varela

Together with the world's leading scientists, contemplative scholars, and healthcare, educational and management practitioners, we create an open and interdisciplinary dialogue between modern sciences and contemplative practices and share our findings with the world.


MLE Programs

MLE Friends Community

MLE Friends is a community for people who seek to foster human flourishing in connection with the science and wisdom traditions.

As an MLE Friend, your benefits include exclusive interactive webinars and an exclusive webcast series on a range of intriguing topics in the form of short videos. 

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Varela 20/30

In 2021 MLE paid tribute to two anniversaries: the 20th of Francisco's passing in 2001 and the 30th of the publication of The Embodied Mind

Our program series was titled: Embodiment and Enaction - Varela & Friends 20/30

In this series we intitated several public programs: 'Francisco & Friends' webinars, 'Ouroboros' Seminars and more! 

Standing at the Edge

In 2022, the metaphor of “Standing at the Edge” has emerged as a possible framework for the questions that will be explored, enacted, and unpacked through the year’s programs and events. This year, we have been exploring this concept through our pre-exisitng programs such as 'MLE Friends' webinars, the MLE Retreat and 'Mind Matters' webinars. 

Learn more about the concept here.

Previous Events

ESRI 2021 (online)

In August 2021, we held the second online European Summer Research Institute (ESRI).

This year's program was themed: "Care for life: Enacting knowedlge in an interdependent and uncertain world." ESRI 2021 is the second part of a 3-year thematic arc dedicated to the theme of "Knowledge"

Webinar with The Dalai Lama (June 9 2021)

On June 9, MLE hosted a wonderful webinar with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama titled: "Dialogue for a Better World - Remembering Francsico Varela". 

The special friendship between The Dalai Lama and Francisco Varela led to the creation of Mind & Life and its groundbreaking work in the field of contemplative science. 

MLE Retreat 2021

Our first MLE Retreat was held in 2019 in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany and themed: "Exploring Contemplative Life: Integrating personal, professional and spiritual aspects of our path".

Following the success of this retreat we held our first online MLE Retreat for young researchers in February 2021.