A catalyst for human flourishing

How to understand the mind and cultivate the heart

Every day, we support vital work that transforms our scientific understanding of the human mind and its capacity to develop positive mental states. We believe that when contemplative wisdom and practices are fully integrated into modern day science it has the power to act as a catalyst for human and societal flourishing. This is the promise of what we call contemplative science

Together with the world’s leading scientists, contemplative scholars, and healthcare, educational and management practitioners, we create an open and interdisciplinary dialogue between modern sciences and contemplative practices and share our findings with the world.

The main message, to me, is the importance for human beings to learn how to become experts on their own mind.

(Francisco J. Varela)

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Contemplative Science Symposium 2019

Join us for our pan-European symposium in October 2019 in Fürstenfeldbruck (near Munich, Germany).

With the Contemplative Science Symposium “BEYOND CONFINES – Integrating Science, Consciousness and Society”, Mind & Life Europe will bring together diverse disciplines and traditions of knowledge in order to support the growing community of contemplative scientists, invite new audiences and changemakers and encourage personal engagement in the issues an intercultural, interdisciplinary approach makes visible.

Across a range of innovate formats, you will experience internationally renowned speakers like Dan Siegel, Roshi Joan Halifax and Wolf Singer and many more. Get your tickets now.

The Dalai Lama - Scientist (German Premiere)

We're grateful that we'll be viewing the film "The Dalai Lama - Scientist" exclusively to the participants of our Contemplative Science Symposium in October (Munich, Germany).

Everyone knows His Holiness the Dalai Lama as a man of peace, a great Buddhist teacher, an advocate for humanity. “The Dalai Lama: Scientist” tells the story of the man you do not know; the Dalai Lama that very few people have seen. For the past thirty-five years, The Dalai Lama has been engaged in an ongoing series of dialogues with groups of Scientists. Organized in part by the Mind & Life Institute, they have covered subjects ranging from quantum physics and cosmology to compassion and destructive emotions.

Get your tickets now for the German premiere at our Symposium this fall.

Community of Contemplative Education

The Community of Contemplative Education (CCE) was initiated by Mind & Life Europe with the goal of creating a sustainable and vibrant community of the leading pioneers and experts to enhance collective learning and implementation around contemplative education in Europe to cultivate human flourishing through education.

There is a great deal of excellent work on contemplative and mindfulness based approaches happening out there across Europe, in schools, universities, and the community, supported by change makers and even politicians in some countries, but it is at present scattered and incoherent without enough interchange and mutual learning. Learn more about it on our CCE website.

Community of Contemplative Education


Joins us for our Contemplative Science Symposium themed "Beyond Confines - Integrating Science, Consciousness and Society" in October 2019.

MLE Retreat

This retreat is directed towards students and early-career scholars in the field of contemplative studies. The theme is: Exploring Contemplative Life - Integrating personal, profressional and spiritual aspects of our path. Application is now open!