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Every day, we support vital work that transforms our scientific understanding of the human mind and its capacity to develop positive mental states. We believe that when contemplative wisdom and practices are fully integrated into modern day science it has the power to act as a catalyst for human and societal flourishing. This is the promise of what we call contemplative science.

Together with the world’s leading scientists, contemplative scholars, and healthcare, educational and management practitioners, we create an open and interdisciplinary dialogue between modern sciences and contemplative practices and share our findings with the world.

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‘Social change needs to come from changing educational contexts.’

Tuesday, 31.10.2017 , 21:18
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In the run up to the 2017 European Varela Awards we highlight some of the work of our 2016 awardees. Carlos Garcia Rubio and Catherine Andreu received a European Varela award for their research into the effect mindfulness in schools has on the self-regulation abilities of children living in highly vulnerable areas in Latin-America. ‘Schools can be an ideal place to carry out mindfulness-based socio-emotional programmes to promote healthier development.’Carlos and Catherine first met each other in 2014 at the European Summer Research Institute (ESRI). A couple of years later they met again in ...
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First Summit on Mindfulness in Politics

Saturday, 28.10.2017 , 22:19
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Blog by Sander TidemanThis month I had the privilege of attending a meeting on Mindfulness in Politics, organised by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG), at the House of Parliament in London. With keynote speaker Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of the Mindfulness-based Stress Relief (MBSR) in 1979, the meeting assembled some 50 Europeans working on mindfulness at policy levels in their respective countries. These included France, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Slovenia and – of course – the United Kingdom.   The Mindful Nation MAPPG was founded four years ago by Welsh MP ...
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Publications from the ReSource Project

Monday, 16.10.2017 , 21:47
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The ReSource Project is a large-scale study on Eastern and Western methods of mental training. It is a secular programme developed by a team of experienced meditation teachers, scientists, and psychotherapists. The Principal Investigator of the project is our Mind & Life Europe Board Member Prof. Dr. Tania Singer, Director of the Social Neuroscience Department at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig. 'This is the outcome of 12 years of work, so we are rather happy about it.'The project has published several project papers over the last months. Two ...
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