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Beyond Confines - Following our Tracks

About the MLE webcast

Mind & Life Europe develops a series of webcasts called “Beyond Confines – Following our Tracks” with the aim to make particular scientific insights accessible to a wider audience. This also allows substantive follow-on from the successful Beyond Confines Symposium in Fürstenfeldbruck (Germany) in October 2019. Its goal is to deliver ideas, concepts and approaches in the context of contemplative studies to people interested in the connection of Western sciences and Eastern wisdom traditions. That way, the knowledge of designated MLE experts can be unlocked and made accessible to a wider audience of people and can stimulate thought and action to promote human flourishing.

Following the theme of the Symposium in 2019, the MLE webcast series is called “Beyond Confines – Following our Tracks”. It resembles the idea that there is a need to think and act in an interdisciplinary manner based on a broad range of disciplines. Specifically, the mid- to long-term development of the webcasts includes the six tracks of the symposium: education, philosophy, neuro- and cognitive science, politics, nutrition and economics. It seeks to further develop the topics that were discussed in the Symposium. By choosing “on-demand” webcasts (short videos delivered through the MLE website), there is no need for physical attendance in order to receive these contents at the time of actual broadcast.

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Structure & Format

The initial track of the MLE Beyond Confines series consists of seven separate modules and one live webinar. Each module is a short lecture of 15 min. held by a designated MLE expert that will be provided as video clips. At the end of the course there will be a live webinar with the expert of 60-90min. (that will be recorded) during which participants can ask questions in a live chat.

Each course of the MLE web series will initially be delivered exclusively to members of the MLE Friends program and will be only accessible through the log-in area on the MLE website. That way, only MLE Friends can access the modules and also participate in the live webinar at the end of each course. After six months, all modules as well as the recording of the webinar will be made accessible to the public through the MLE website.

Different Tracks / Content

Track Philosophy: The first series will be a course on philosophy, curated by MLE Association Member Michel Bitbol. Specifically, the course will center around the topic of “Quantum Mechanics - A Theory with no View of the World”. The first series with Prof. Dr. Michel Bitbol, MD, was launched on September 22, 2020 (exclusive access for MLE Friends).

Track Education: Mind & Life Europe is currently developing the next series of the webast in the track of Education, curated by MLE Association Member Katherine Weare. Overall, there will be three series in the field of education, all curated by Prof. Katherine Weare, Ph.D. The first series titled "Foundations of Contemplative Education (CE)" introduces contemplative education, outlines its scope, themes, and research base, and gives an overview of current developments in schools and universities across Europe and the rest of the world. This first series in the field of education will be launched at the end of October 2020 (exclusive access for MLE Friends).

First lecture: Philosophy Series hosted by Michel Bitbol (1/7)

Part 1 of the MLE Webcast on Philosophy centers around the question "How can we compare quantum mechanics and Buddhism?" In this first short lecture, Michel Bitbol talk about the fact that it is widely held that there is a similarity between the Buddhist and the quantum views of the world. But, actually, the only similarity between the two disciplines is that they tend to challenge any view of the world whatsoever.

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