MLE Friends: Events

As an MLE Friend, you can join a variety of exciting events by Mind & Life Europe. Join us now to be part of the growing MLE community.

MLE Webinars

Mind & Life Europe hosts interactive webinars on a monthly base for members of the MLE Friends community.

The webinar lasts for one hour (60 min.). It includes a talk by one of of our MLE Association or (Honorary) Board Members (30 min.) and a Q&A session (30 min.).

Please note: access is granted to MLE Friends only.

Click here for more information about the MLE webinars.

MLE Webcast: Beyond Confines

Mind & Life Europe is currently developing a webcast series titled "Beyond Confines - Following our Tracks".

Each module will consist of seven lectures (15 min. each) and one live Q&A session (60 min.). The first webcast will be hosted by Dr. Michel Bitbol, MLE Association Member, and center around the topic of philosophy.

Click here for more information on the MLE webcast series "Beyond Confines".

Upcoming Events

EVENT TYPETOPIC (click on the title to learn more)EXPERT / HOSTDATE

Beyond Confines: Following our Tracks (Philosopy)

Launch of webcast

Prof. Dr. Michel Bitbol, MD

MLE Assocation Member

September 22, 2020



Rainbow Body and Resurrection

Father Francis

MLE Association Member

October 14, 2020:

18:00 CEST


Beyond Confines: Following our Tracks (Philosopy)

Interactive webinar (90min.) for Q&A regarding the webcast on Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Michel Bitbol, MD

MLE Assocation Member

October 20, 2020:

18:00 CEST

Webinar (interview)The Science of Meditation (tbc)Prof. Dr. Richard Davidson

November 12, 2020

18:00 CEST (tbc)


Note on registration: All MLE Friends will automatically receive an email for registration a week before the webinar starts. People who subscribe to the MLE Friends community at a later point of time, will be sent an extra email.

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Previous Events

In the past, we hosted different events for our MLE Friends. See below to get an overivew of the high-quality webinars we hosted together with selected members from our European community.

EVENT TYPETOPIC (click on the title to learn more)EXPERT / HOSTDATE
WebinarMeditation and Pain from the Lenses of Phenomenology and Neurosciences

Dr. Antoine Lutz,

MLE Association Member

May 27, 2020:

18:00 CEST

WebinarThe Mindful Brain

Dr. Elena Antonova

MLE Association Member

June 20, 2020:

17:00 CEST

WebinarThe Power of Compassion - Lessons from the Resource Project

Prof. Dr. Tania Singer

MLE Honorary Board Member

July 8, 2020:

18:30 CEST

WebinarThe Subtle Mind: Essence and Interdependence

Diego Hangartner, Pharm.D., PCC

MLE Association Member

September 9, 2020:

17:30 CEST (tbc)