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Who are we? We are transformative

Mind & Life Europe is an open space and home for researchers and practitioners studying the intersections of contemplation, philosophy, neuroscience and education. By integrating science with contemplative practices, our mission is to alleviate suffering and promote human and societal flourishing. We present the results of our work by making the impactful, evidence-based case that individual and social transformation is necessary (and possible!) to tackle global challenges.

As such, our organization has a complex and vivid life that requires support to be able to carry out all our activities and projects. As a not-for-profit organization we are running on limited resources.

What do we do? We are transparent

MLE is extending its scope of activities in 2021. Besides ‘classical’ and important Mind & Life Europe projects, such as the European Varela Awards (EVA) and the European Summer Research Institute (ESRI), we are also continuing our online events from 2020, such as the ‘Mind Matters’ talks, the ‘Beyond Confines’ webcasts series and monthly webinars for MLE Friends. The new MLE Retreat program has been launched to address the questions and difficulties that young contemplative scientists face in their lives and workplaces. We have also developed completely new programs for the general public, such as our Varela 20/30 anniversary events.

Key strategic organisational development projects are also in the works, such as the integration of the perspective of contemplative education into the overall activities of MLE, the development of mentoring programs in contemplative science, the extension of our community in Eastern Europe and stepping-up inclusion of the next generation of researchers and practitioners in all our activities.

These are only some examples of the more than dozen initiatives we are managing this year for which we ask for your support:

I. Core programs

  1. European Summer Research Institute 2021
  2. European Varela Awards management
  3. MLE Retreat for young researchers and scientists
  4. Varela 20/30 events - Ouroboros Seminars, Varela International Symposium co-organized with Upaya Instsitute and Zen Center, Tribute Day at Colloques Cerisy, Francisco & Friends webinars, etc.
  5. Online programs - 'Mind Matters' public talks, 'Beyond Confines' webcasts series, MLE Friends webinars, etc.
  6. ENCECON / ICP 2022 - project preparation

II. Content development

  1. New „cutting-edge” dialogues development
  2. Community of Contemplative Education meetings and education integration/development program
  3. Varela archive - project preparation

III. Organisation development

  1. Outreach to Eastern Europe and next generation development
  2. MLE Association meetings and development
  3. MLE strategy and governance development
  4. Communication, website and partnership development
  5. Fundraising and capacity building, including volunteers

Why MLE? We are impactful

Mind & Life Europe’s lodestar has been and continues to be the shared vision of the Dalai Lama and Francisco Varela, as it was set out at the first Mind and Life Dialogue in 1987: to create a new field of dialogue for sciences and the contemplative traditions in order to shape and expand our understanding of who we are as humans, and how we can enact a world that is more sustainable for the generations to come. There are no simple solutions to global challenges: inner transformation leading to change necessitates careful work and dialogue. We need to bring the best of science, ethics and our inner worlds to the forefront of human activities and interactions on this planet.

Since our inception, Mind & Life Institute and Mind & Life Europe have been a field-defining, ground-breaking initiative, involving the most cutting-edge scientists and contemplative leaders from around the world to initiate changes in how science works as a field, to advance our understanding of mind, and to explore how we as human beings can develop our inner capacities for change, for both the sake of our individual well-being and for the common good.

How can you support us? It’s needed

Should you wish to support us, you may designate your contribution to any of the projects above, or mark it as undesignated, in which case we will allocate your funding based on the specific needs of the projects and the overall results of our fundraising efforts in 2021.

If you are interested to receive more information, please send an email to Gábor Karsai, Managing Director of MLE, at gabor.karsai(at) We would be happy to arrange a call to discuss further and answer any questions.

We are grateful for your generous contribution in advance.

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