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An opportunity to make a difference

Every day, Mind and Life Europe supports vital work to develop a scientific understanding of the mind and to disseminate the impact of this research to the world. We promote universal happiness and well-being and are deeply grateful for any gift you can make to help further our efforts.

Supporters like you make our work possible. By funding events and stimulating important research, your contributions help scientists, educators, artists, scholars, and practitioners of diverse contemplative traditions collaborate with each other to find ways to alleviate suffering, cultivate kindness and compassion, and advance human flourishing.

Thank you for being part of the Mind and Life team!


Bank details

Tax-deductible donations are welcome to the following Swiss bank accounts:

Mind and Life Europe
Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zürich

CHF: IBAN CH44 0070 0110 0012 4365 0
EUR: IBAN CH37 0070 0130 0006 8718 9
USD: IBAN CH15 0070 0130 0006 8719 7  

Or to the Dutch bank account:

Stichting Mind and Life
Triodos Bank, Zeist
EUR: IBAN NL84TRIO0338 5411 36 


For more information about making a planned gift, such as a trust or various forms of bequest, or other questions please contact our office at