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Power & Care

A Mind & Life Europe Dialogue with H.H. Dalai Lama

Authors:Mind & Life Europe

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Mind and Life Europe convened 23 great minds and leaders from around the world to discuss the dynamics of power and care  from  the  perspectives of the natural sciences, anthropology, psychology, politics, economics, and the world?s contemplative traditions. Now you can witness this inspiring dialogue held in September 2016 with H.H. the Dalai Lama and many extraordinary speakers at home.


The 2-DVD treasure features all 5 Sessions and contains the totality of this inspiring series of presentations from the dialogue including:

Prof. em. Dr Sarah Blaffer-Hrdy, Prof. Sir Paul Collier, Brother Thierry-Marie Courau, Olafur Eliasson, Dr Scilla Elworthy, Prof. Dr Alexandra Freund, Roshi Joan Halifax, Prof. Dr Markus Heinrichs, Dr Uwe Heuser, Frédéric Laloux, Dr Alaa Murabit, Matthieu Ricar d, Prof. Johan Rockström, Prof. Richard C. Schwartz, Prof. Dr Tania Singer, Prof. Dennis James Snower, Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, Theo Sowa, Pauline Tangiore, Prof. Frans B.M. de Waal, Jody Williams.

Bonus material includes the workshop with Matthieu Ricard and Maria João Pires entitled, 'The Art of the Fugue and the Art of Meditation?.

The DVD is available in English and German.