MLE Friends Program

Give MLE Friends as a gift!

This year you can surprise your loved ones, colleagues and friends with a unique surprise: gift them one year full of experiences around topics of contemplative science and human well-being with a MLE Friends membership.

A one-year membership to the MLE Friends gives access to a variety of exclusive content such as interactive webinars with experts from our community and participation in Q&A sessions with the hosts of our MLE webcast 'Beyond Confines - Following our Tracks'.

It's easy!

All you need to do is register the gifted person on our registration website (including name and email address) and provide your details regarding the payment process (e.g PayPal account).

Please feel free to use the images below (downloads) to send the gift recipients season's greetings.

Our Aims

MLE Friends is the community for people who seek to foster human flourishing in connection with science and wisdom traditions.

The MLE Friends circle seeks to enhance the growing community in the area of contemplative science. Following our vision to better understand the mind and cultivate the heart, our aim is to more deeply connect people who are interested in fostering human well-being.

With the MLE Friends community, we want to stimulate dialogue, exchange ideas and develop innovative projects at the edge of Western science and Eastern wisdom traditions. Specifically, we strive to enhance our impact regarding initiatives brought into action. We wish to increase the circle of like-minded people who share our values.

Your Benefits

As a MLE Friend, you benefit from a variety of opportunities to further connect within and explore the MLE community.

Click here to explore our upcoming MLE Friends events.

  • Participation in our MLE webcast "Beyond Confines - Following our Tracks" with series of seven lectures and live webinar (launched in summer 2020 with a course in philosophy, curated by Michel Bitbol and followed by an education series curated by Katherine Weare).

  • 10% Discount on symposia and events organized by Mind & Life Europe: discount through voucher codes for MLE (and, where possible) partner events.

  • Exclusive meetings: local meetings for small groups of MLE Friends (20-30 people).

  • Monthly webinars and Q&A with one of our MLE Association Members: presentation of 30 min. on a current topic and 30 min. of Q&A.

  • For organizations: integration of your organization's logo in the "partner" section of our MLE website.

Sign up now!

You can become a MLE Friend by simply subscribing online. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Type of subscriptionYearly Fee
Individual50 Euro
Organization200 Euro
Supporter500 Euro

Our Supporters

We are grateful for organizations who support the MLE Friends with their yearly contribution.

iMind Education International

Downloads: MLE Friends as gift (holiday greetings)


You can use the images below to send greetings to the ones gifted with the MLE Friends membership once you registered them. Please feel free to download the images with a right mouse click and saving the image on your computer.

Download image >> MLE Friends as gift - A Gift for You!
Download image >> MLE Friends as gift - Happy Birthday! (tulips)
Download image >> MLE Friends as gift - Happy Birthday! (present)