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Who We Are

Get to know the team, the advisors and our current active members of the Community of Contemplative Education (CCE) and their work.

What is CE in Europe?

Explore what is happening in Contemplative Education (CE) in Europe through our comprehensive report based on an international study.

Building the CCE

Read here a summary on what Contemplative Education (CE) is, why the CCE was started and what has been achieved in two years.

MLE/CCE: Resource Hub

In this extraordinary time we are adjusting to a unique situation. We at MLE are helping to make resources for children as well as teachers and parents accessible online.

Voices from the CCE

Watch videos and presentations of our CCE members who talk about topics like their experience in the field of research or whole school approaches.

Publications on CE

Get an overview of current research articles and publications from our community members in the context of Contemplative Education (CE).                   

Events involving the CCE

Get an overview of conferences, meetings and retreats involving members of the CCE.

CE and Mindfulness

A database of programmes for children and adults in schools and universities across Europe.

Inaugural Meeting

In September 2018, the inaugural meeting of the CCE was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Why We Need Contemplative Education

In our highly fragmented and environmentally endangered world, education is of central importance. There is a critical need to develop educational environments in which all of us, young and old, can develop our full cognitive, critical, creative, social and emotional potential to face the challenges of our fast-changing society, developing an ethical compass for orientation. A whole person education is the cornerstone for a healthy society.

What has to date largely been neglected, even in holistic approaches within western education, is a recognition of the central importance of the mind to all learning and human development. Contemplative Education (CE) is a holistic approach which focusses on helping students of all ages, and teachers of all kinds, develop the embodied and practice- based skills to understand and manage their own minds. These skills are transformative and foundational to all effective education and healthy human development. CE combines current knowledge from modern research, e.g. neuroscience, with the practices of traditional wisdom-based philosophies and practices.

There is growing evidence for the beneficial effects of CE, and particularly for mindfulness, which is showing clear impacts across the whole educational and wellbeing agenda, with outcomes that are beneficial for psychological, social, emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing. As a foundational human capacity, CE can be central to help transform educational efforts to cultivate deep and authentic learning, wellbeing and flourishing, to become more ethical, compassionate and connected, and equip individuals to meet the escalating social and ecological crises facing our society and our planet.

What is the Community of Contemplative Education?

The Community of Contemplative Education (CCE) was initiated by Mind & Life Europe in 2018 with the goal of creating a sustainable and vibrant community of the leading pioneers and experts to enhance collective learning and implementation around contemplative education in Europe to cultivate human flourishing through education. There is a great deal of excellent work on contemplative and mindfulness based approaches happening out there across Europe, in schools, universities, and the community, supported by change makers and even politicians in some countries, but it is at present scattered and incoherent without enough interchange and mutual learning. So this community aims to bring together and support this vital work.


Consultation Report: Developing the CCE in Europe

During 2018, more than 130 experts and change makers completed our survey or were interviewed to explore the landscape of Contemplative Education (CE) across Europe.

We created a fascinating report, click on it below, to get the Community going. It covers the following themes:

- What is CE? Why do we use the term 'contemplative', what does it mean?
- Why do we need CE more than ever right now? How can it help transform education to respond to
  current challenges and our social and environmental crises?
- What elements are at the heart of CE (e.g. Mindfulness, contemplative pedagogy, meditation,
  compassion, kindness, empathy, the body/embodiment, and their underpinnings in psychology and
- What does CE add to areas in education that link strongly to it (e.g. social and emotional learning,   
  wellbeing, mental health difficulties, ethics and values).
- How does CE relate to education more generally
(e.g. through holistic/whole school-university
  approaches, whole person approaches, teacher education, links with the community)
- How might CE help efforts towards educational transformation and critical social and
  environmental change?
- What is happening in CE across Europe? What is happening in the countries and regions that make up
  Europe? What factors may be helping and hindering its development? Where is leadership and innovation
  coming from? What programmes and approaches are being used?
- Why do we need the Community of Contemplative Education? What might be its role? What might it
  do to help build CE across Europe? (e.g. advocacy for CE, inspiring and raising awareness, policy change).
- How can we best build the CCE across Europe? e.g. start with a focus on adults, find a flexible
  language that fits and works, build partnerships and community, promote many kinds of relevant and
  rigorous science and evidence, balance wisdom traditions with a secular approach.


Members of the CCE Network


We are grateful to the foundations that supported the launch of the CCE in 2018.

   - Triodos Foundation (The Netherlands)

   - Schöpflin Stiftung Foundation (Germany)

   - IONA Foundation (The Netherlands)

   - Gaden Phodrang Foundation of the Dalai Lama (Switzerland)

   - Porticus Foundation (The Netherlands)

The Community of Contemplative Education (CCE) is dependent on the support of private donors and foundations interested in educational alternatives.

For more information please contact office(at)