Annual Themes

2023: Caring for Life

In 2023 we will attempt to unpack – playfully, enactively – the notion of care, in not just its theoretical guise, but as a form of ethical know-how and ecological imperative. In a world that is inherently precarious and inclined toward bewildering complexity, what does it mean to care for life and to know what ‘the most important thing’ is at any given moment?



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2022: Standing at the Edge

In 2022, we explored the notion of "Standing at the Edge" through interdisciplinary dialogues and other thought-provoking events. Ultimately, it was an exploration of our capacity for resilience and flourishing through our willingness to encounter the edges of human experience and the edges between different modes of knowing.



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2021: Varela 20/30

In 2021 we paid tribute to two anniversaries: the 20th of Francisco's passing in 2001 and the 30th of the publication of The Embodied Mind. We used these symbolic landmarks to re-examine the work of one of our Mind & Life founders along with those friends who inspired him and collaborated with him in developing a novel vision of life, mind and how they are articulated. Our program series was titled: Embodiment and Enaction - Varela & Friends 20/30.


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