In 2022 we will be:

Standing at the Edge


The metaphor of “Standing at the Edge” has emerged as a possible framework for the questions that will be explored, enacted, and unpacked through the year’s programs and events.

About the Concept: Standing at the Edge

"Standing at the Edge" will investigate the edges between established disciplines as well as between the human mind and embodied experience.

How do we “stand at the edge” in a way that is productive and expansive, without falling into an abyss of despair or a blind attachment to outcome?

What potential is there in the "edge states" as we experience them, both in our individual minds and bodies and in the collective body of society?

Is this time in history a particularly “edgy” time, or have we always been walking along some horizon of disintegration and becoming?

What do the edges between different disciplinary perspectives reveal to us about emerging fields of knowledge, such as contemplative science, embodied cognition, and neurophenomenology? 

Through interdisciplinary dialogues and other thought-provoking events, we will explore how to ‘stand at the edge’ from a variety of perspectives. Ultimately, we will be exploring our capacity for resilience and flourishing through our willingness to encounter the edges of human experience and the edges between different modes of knowing.

Standing at the Edge | Inaugural Panel


For this two-hour roundtable discussion, we brought together a diverse collection of speakers to probe the theme in its many guises—philosophical, contemplative, scientific, and environmental—and ask questions that might help us to make sense of the particular time in which we are living. As Francisco Varela said, “we must avoid the trap of certainty… and cultivate our inner flexibility,” and it is in this spirit that we propose this panel as a conceptual springboard to imagine new directions of inquiry for the upcoming year.

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