Mind and Life Europe focuses on six work domains:

  1. Neuroscience
  2. Philosophy
  3. Anthropology
  4. Education
  5. Management
  6. Health

Each domain has a community of practice that connects scientists, scholars and professionals in the development of contemplative science. These communities cover both fundamental research and applied research and translate outcomes into regionally and nationally relevant frameworks that professionals and policymakers can put into action.


Mind and Life Europe supports European scientists engaged in empirical and theoretical research on embodied cognition, contemplative neuroscience, and neurophenomenology. Through the European Neurophenomenology, Contemplative and Embodied Cognition Network (ENCECON) we address concrete theoretical and methodological challenges currently hampering the empirical investigation of experience, its relationship to brain and body and its potential for well-being. The ENCECON network consists of researchers interested in both the empirical investigation of the mind, brain, and body and the integration of direct experiential inquiry and rigorous first-person methodology with these third-person approaches.





Through the Initiative for Contemplative Phenomenology (ICP) community we demonstrate that Contemplative Phenomenology is a field of inquiry in its own right. One that can be learned and applied, with its specific problematics and orientations, without being exclusively conditional upon the needs of cognitive neuroscience. Investigating the contemplative experience, as it is lived and potentially reported by practitioners, is a project that is valuable from an epistemological, practical and ethical standpoint, even before one uses it to disambiguate neurobiological features of the contemplative brain. Through a strong team of the best specialists in Europe and beyond, we teach each of the various aspects of first-person inquiry, especially those that are relevant for contemplative disciplines.

Latest news from the Philosophy community. 


Mind and Life Europe aims to develop and utilize the full positive potential of human beings through education. We bring together leading pioneers and experts in this field and enhance collective learning and implementation. We are building a vibrant network of education professional versed in contemplative science and supported by programmes and publications (including books, manuals, DVDs, teaching materials) that are available in the leading languages of Europe.  The ultimate social impact is the creation of a resource for education professionals who will be fully equipped to design and facilitate education programmes that produce resilient people who contribute to flourishing societies. 


Mind & Life Europe researches ways to support businesses to move from short-term financial gain to creating value for the world for the longer term. 

Mind and Life Europe brings together the experience of business leaders, contemplative practitioners and scientists and facilitates the creation of know-how (e.g. research, best practices, case studies, outcomes, benefits, etc.) and promotes these with relevant stakeholders.